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What is Befriending and Mentoring?
Where are the current locations?
How do the projects work?
The positive impact of befriending and mentoring
Who WE are
Where are the current areas needing buddies, Personal Assistants and Mentors
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What is befriending, mentoring and buddying?

Buddying offers the opportunity to have a capable friend to accompany you to places that you wouldn’t feel able to visit on your own, a buddy will spend time with you socially and will also help you gain confidence as you enjoy new experiences safe in the knowledge that someone is with you.

Befriending offers companionship on a regular basis if you cannot easily leave your homes to meet with other people on a social basis. This may be the case if you are very elderly but have maintained your independence in your own home but due to age you don’t go out much. It is also a useful opportunity for some extra social contact if you cannot easily leave your home due to a long term disability.

Mentoring offers assistance to assess your current capabilities and opportunities with a view to building on these to achieve new things. Its a great way of improving your day to day lifestyle by having someone to talk to about your hopes and dreams.

For volunteers. Acting as a befriender, mentor or buddy can be very rewarding, whether it be supporting a young person with additional needs who need a bit of extra help to enable them to take part in their choice of leisure activity, enabling a vulnerable adult by buddying them to visit new places, or enjoying the rewards of knowing that someone you have befriended has enjoyed your company.

Where are the current locations?

As part of Hampshire’s Community Buddies scheme we operate mainly in the districts of Basingstoke & Dean, Hart & Rushmoor but may be able to offer further locations across Hants on request. If you want to find out more information please contact us.

We operate an independent Befriending scheme in Berkshire and Surrey so please contact us if you would like a visitor or if you would like to become a Befriender. If you are outside these areas but would like to know if the B&M buddies scheme will run in your area please contact us.

How do the projects work?

B&M Buddies operates a screening process for anyone applying to be a Buddy or a Personal Assistant. Anyone providing a service or match on either project is asked to apply for a Disclosure and barring Service (DBS) Check, to provide references and to go through our induction process which includes relevant training. Ongoing post-training support is offered for everyone involved with our projects

When a family contact us to ask about a buddy we ask them to complete a short Registration form so that we have more information about their particular needs on which to base the matching process. All enquiries are handled by our qualified and trained staff to ensure a smooth and confidential service.

The positive impact of Befriending and Mentoring

The positive impact of this kind of support for those using the service is phenomenal and here at B&M Buddies, we want to continue to create lasting happy memories for all who use it no matter what their need. Having a befriender or a buddy not only provides the direct user of the service with opportunities which might otherwise be denied them; it also creates a much-needed break for regular carers to rest and provides a stimulating change for the person being taken out, or looked after for a period of time.

Being a Buddy provides valuable experience for those wishing to work in a caring profession or just wanting to make a difference in their local community.

Don’t let us tell you what and impact the project has made, hear it straight from volunteers and families who have used the scheme here.

Who WE are

B&M Buddies is a development from an established and trusted Charity that has been built on 20 years experience working in the provision of support services for children, young people and adults.

B&M Buddies have over 10 years’ experience in providing buddying programmes and have seen some fantastic outcomes, not just among those who have been matched with a Buddy but also from the Buddies themselves. All projects providing befriending and mentoring are rewarding not just for those receiving support but for those giving it. We are proud to have been part of this.

Where are the current areas needing Buddies/Mentors

Currently we are recruiting in North Hampshire

We are passionate about supporting families and this reflects in the projects we run.

Offer for Local Authorities

If you are a local authority that requires services for buddying, mentoring or befriending we are available to provide both one-off, short term and long term commitments in most areas.