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Hear from families and volunteers who have used the project

The Families

This story is from a family who are using the scheme. The buddy pair have been together for 6 months now.
Our experience of a buddy has been wonderful. She connected to our daughter straight away and they got on really well. We regard her very highly, she is flexible and really understands our daughter. They both share a love of sports which is lovely and go swimming often. We can
trust our daughter is safe with her and love hearing them talk. Sometimes our daughters buddy helps with homework tasks of if our daughter has a problem she needs to share. It has been a very positive experience so far and we regard the buddy as someone who adds value to our
daughters life.

Hear it from the volunteers

I have found that buddying has given me the break I need from college and work. Every session is so enjoyable that I just feel it is a way to relax, have fun and grow as a person at the same time. I have taken so much from buddying and have become more confident with my own skills over the past few months. I find myself laughing so much in every session and seeing the smile on my buddy’s face when she has accomplished something that a few weeks before she refused to do, is a reward in itself and a moment that I treasure.


I am very glad that I have become a buddy. It has given me the opportunity to further develop my interpersonal skills. The work is very uplifting as I have become an important figure to my buddy. They now have the confidence to use their own initiative and have a greater say what they want to do. Its rewarding to know that someone is comfortable to confide in me and that I have the potential to make a difference or give them advice.